Soni Artifex it's a small audio recording facility, located in Italy and very near Milan. It's particularly oriented to support customers that need to develop and produce audio projects for fairs, expositions or similar events. The studio is equipped with sound processors, synthesizers and sound libraries that allow to deal with every challenge. Even if you don't have those needs, the studio is opened to the most common audio services:
  • Voice recording for audio or video guides (monuments, appliances, public services)
  • Voice recording and audio post production for commercials (with or without video)
  • Vocal contributions for automotive
  • Dubbing for industrial videos
  • Recording single instruments (saxophone, violin, classical guitar, etc.)
  • Re-recording lead vocals for songs adapted and translated in another language
  • Editing and mastering for discography
  • Audio restoration
  • Audio for web portals, mobile carriers and on-line services

A DSL line with fixed IP allows a secure exchange of all media files between the studio and the IT facility of the customer.

Front View View From Commentary Booth Door The AudioBench Rear View (Commentary Booth Door) Left Side Outboard Rack Right Side Outboard Rack Inside Commentary Booth